What They’re Saying About Us

Straight from the Source

"Kind and caring staff. Great facility, and good food. The monthly cost to stay here puts other comparable facilities to shame. My Mom was here for almost three years and these people were a Godsend for us. I highly recommend Autumn Accolade."

Ken Simpson

"Food is very good, and if you go away hungry; it's your own fault. We have good cooks here, and good service also."

Margaret Brooks

"This is a lovely facility. It's decorated to spur the interest of the clients. They have great staff that is caring and helpful. Their food is healthy and satisfying. They have a patio, giving access to the outdoors. My mother has been there for a couple of years, and we have been blessed by the care she gets."

Deb Schulz

"The home my parents shared and raised seven children in, was a very nice home. However, she described Autumn Accolade as a 'castle' and we feel she was treated like royalty."

Darlene Curry