A Bit About Us

In the grand scheme of life the perfect solution to all health related dilemmas would be to remain strong and active until it’s time to go to our heavenly home.  Unfortunately life is not that kind.

Today with the aging of the baby boomers, there is a huge wave pushing into the world of what’s known as “Senior Citizens”. Baby boomers began in 1946 and the growth rate continued through 1962. A good deal of time and effort has been given to the study on this subject.

Housing and services remains the number one concern with the frail elderly. They find themselves needing the support to do the everyday common task that at one time was second nature with them. Some of these individuals have been left alone to face some of the most difficult decisions in their lives. It’s a very serious decision to have to make alone judging the time frame in which you should give up your home.  It is a wise person who can make that judgment call and let others provide the services they need. With supportive living your life is made easier and less stressful.

About Our Owner and CEO
Deb Penn

I grew up in a large family and occasionally helped my mother care for her mother who was
blind. That gave me a respect, love and yearning to help others.

When I thought about having to leave my home behind and start a new and different way of life what would I want? This is what I would want: A private room so I could be left alone to read, watch tv, and not be interfered with by a roommate. Someone to do everything that I can't do for myself any longer like cook, laundry, clean, work the garden and be there for me if I might fall or need immediate attention and remind me to do the things that support my life. I'd like a small refrigerator, no kitchen, and I'd like a separate room available to entertain if I needed it. I would want a unique designed facility that didn't look like a nursing home but an attractive place that I could be proud of when my family/friends come to visit.

In the late 80's, I really wanted to provide a home for the elderly who needed more support but I still had a young daughter at home and a couple of older boys that were married with small children and the time just wasn't right. Time passed and as it turned out I wasn't in control of the plan anyway. My daughter grew ready for college and I began a real estate career that surprised even me. It seemed to be my calling and within one year I had a very  nice income. That was 1991-1996. In 1996 I opened my own real estate Brokerage. My husband was a excellent provider for our family and home but my daughter had left for college in Indiana so I put in many, many hours building the RE business. A competitive, demanding, and time consuming job. We are the last to know or realize what God has in store for us. Through the real estate business I learned a lot of important business practices that groomed me for the designing, zoning, building and as this plan swung into process God showed up again. I bumped into a business friend and we were talking about assisted living and he said "You know they are writing the law on assisted living now and everyone will have to be licensed." From that day forward I researched the law and studied it feverishly. Every time a change was made I printed it off and filed it. That was 2002. We broke ground in the fall of 2002. It was not without a lot on heavy leaning on the Lord for support and the total support of my family. After all, I'm just one tiny speck in the overall plan of God. We opened the facility on September 22, 2003. We had 2 residents and God provided the funds through the real estate business for the start up and a few years as we got up to the break even stage. As time passed I was able to leave the demanding real estate business and manage Autumn Accolade myself.

Life at Autumn Accolade, Inc.

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